Leading electric vehicle charging technology company, Franklin Energy, has installed two EV charging points at the Holiday Inn Express at TraffordCity.

The hotel is one of the first in the UK to offer guests the opportunity to charge their car whilst they use the facilities or stay at the venue overnight. The 22kW fast AC charging points have been installed at a prime location at the front of the Hotel`s car park offering easy access to guests.

Robert Byrne, Managing Director of Franklin Energy commented: “The Holiday Inn Express Operator has embraced the electric vehicle concept recognising that ultimately all of their car driving guests will be using EV vehicles in the not to distant future.

“They are currently piloting the first EV install at one of their flagship hotels at TraffordCity and are considering rolling this out on a national scale. Not only will the installation of an EV charge attract more EV car drivers but sends out a clear message to new and existing customers that the company is helping to drive forward the EV movement.”

Peter de la Perrelle, Managing Director, Tower Hotel Management, Peel`s Hotel Division added: “We are delighted to offer this service which recognises the changing needs of our guests and demonstrates our commitment to the ‘green agenda’. We were extremely pleased to partner with Franklyn Energy who delivered and installed the necessary equipment in a matter of days. It is definitely the way forward.”