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The Terra 175 is a modular, high-performance charging system that offers the highest charging current for charging electric vehicles with 400 VDC and 800 VDC batteries. Even with a single power unit, vehicles can be continuously charged with up to 375 A and 160 kW, or a peak power of 175 kW. Operating at two power units, up to 500A and 350kW are available.

Hyper Life DC electric charging point

LiFe – ABB TERRA 175

Guaranteed High Up-time > 99.8% up-time globally resulting in low opex costs.

Key Features:
En-route Charging.
Charging Speeds.
350 miles per hour.
10 miles of charger per minute.


LiFe – Terra HP is ideally suited for highway rest stops and petrol stations where the highest power is required to minimize charging time. Depending on customer needs Terra HP supports 500 A CCS with a liquid cooled cable and 200 A CHAdeMO.


Generate revenues through Franklin LiFe network, enabling you to charge by time of kWh. Based on £0.30 per kWh, you could generate £50 revenue per hour from 175kWh charger. Payback asset in 2.5 years based on 2 hours of charging point utilisation per day.

At a glance:
£0.30 per kWh.
£50 revenue per hour.
Payback in 2.5 years.


With unique ABB Dynamic DC power sharing technology two charge posts can be powered by just two instead of four power cabinets, whereby available power is dynamically shared between the charge posts. This is a cost-effective solution for sites with multiple charge posts.

  ABB Ability Connected Services.
  Easy connection of charging systems to back-offices, payment platforms or smart grid systems.
  Remote diagnostics, repair and software updating at low costs.
  ABB’s many years of experience in the EV sector and close cooperation with manufacturers of electric vehicles.
  High production volumes with production sites around the world.
  Worldwide suppliers: located in more than 100 countries.

ABB Terra HP optional features:
  15” high brightness touch screen
  Customizable user interface
  Site power management
  Integrated payment terminal together with smart phone app payment

Branding capabilities, we can wrap and brand the chargers to your company branding at no extra cost.
For more information, please see ABB LiFe Terra HP technical data sheet here.

Powered by LiFe



Franklin Energy are a  preferred supplier for Countryside Properties and have previously installed over 100 domestic charging points for new build residential schemes across the North West. Franklin Energy supplied and installed 7kW domestic charging points on a call off basis.


“Customers will in future be able to connect their home charging points through a Franklin Energy dashboard via WiFi, enabling end users to view all historical charging information, trends, costs, and allow them to reclaim business mileage expenses back.

– Rob Byrne (Franklin Energy Founder)



In August 2014 Franklin Energy secured it’s first contract to supply and install 89 x EV charging points on behalf of Countryside Properties for a new build residential scheme in Rainhill. This involved Franklin Energy supplying every new property with a domestic 7kW charging point and was part of a section 106 planning requirement stipulated by the local authority, and is becoming increasingly common across new build developments throughout the UK.

“This is a very forward thinking project and allows new tenants to benefit from having an EV charging point installed when they buy a new house, helping to future proof. “

Franklin Energy are now a preferred supplier to Countryside Properties and will be installing further charging points across Countryside Properties development pipeline throughout 2017 and 2018.


We work with a wide range of public sector, private sector and local clients from various sectors across the UK. Here are a handful of the companies that we are proud to work with.