The global leader in the provision of shared electric vehicles, GreenMobility, has launched its unique service in the North of England, appointing Franklin Energy as its preferred charging installation provider.

Sustainable car sharing in major cities is a fast-growing trend. The Copenhagen-based enterprise has consolidated its unique service provision in its home city and is now rolling the concept out in Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester, all cities that have recently revealed details of their ambitious environmental targets.

Depots and charging stations will be installed at strategic locations within each of the cities with users having access to the cars via the GreenMobility app and fees charged per minute. GreenMobility operate 400 electric vehicles in Copenhagen, a figure that is rapidly rising.

Robert Byrne, Managing Director of Franklin Energy commented: “Shared electric car driving is part of the next natural step in the electric vehicle evolution. Our Scandinavian neighbours are undoubtedly leading the way in terms of EV driving, and GreenMobility, pioneers in this area, are now pushing this concept out across Europe.

“We’re incredibly pleased to partner with GreenMobility on their UK expansion and will be installing some charging points in the three designated cities across the coming 6-9 months.”

Franklin Energy has supported the specification of the EVBox business line charger, chosen for its rapid and efficient charge qualities.

Rob continued. “We look forward to building further on our experience in the installation of charging points through a brand new, innovative and unique EV service in the UK. We are seeing a lot of exciting developments in the electric mobility space and are proud to be part of the movement that is helping our cities reach their ambitious climate goals.”


Franklin Energy has secured £1.7million of funding under the Department of Transport’s latest drive to improve electrical vehicle charging technology for on street environments.

Franklin is the sole charging provider under the trail-blazing Innovate UK programme and will deliver smart on street charging in cities throughout the UK. In a bid to address concerns surrounding usability, cost, speed and accessibility for EV drivers, the new fast EV charging system EnSmartEV, has been developed under a partnership with Entrust Microgrid, the project lead, based at the University of Lancaster.

Under the ambitious scheme, Franklin will trial the technology across two sites in Merseyside through Halton Borough Council. This will see two EnSmartEV charging hubs introduced into the local area to enable local residents to have improved access to EV charging as well as support the town centre in having publicly accessible EV charging points.

Uniquely, the charging hubs will be able to charge any type of EV – with the ability to charge up to 6 EV’s simultaneously.

Robert Byrne, Managing Director of Franklin Energy commented: “This is a ground breaking scheme that addresses the very real issues surrounding EV charging in public spaces. In order to meet government targets and roll out the drive towards EV ownership, we must have the infrastructure in place that meets the needs of modern life. This technology will provide highly efficient, incredibly low-cost charging solutions.”

The project is being piloted in Halton, Merseyside from September 2019 and is being implemented via Halton Borough Council and the Liverpool City Region.

Many existing public EV chargers operate using peak power, burning excessive amounts of fossil fuels and are slow when compared to high speed chargers and are therefore considered inefficient. The new EnSmartEV system solution addresses each these issues, integrating lithium batteries able to charge EVs with off-peak or low tariff electricity offering premium, the chargers offers ultimate efficiency at rapid speeds.

Physically, the charging post has been developed under a subtle compact design, serving two electric vehicles with multiple uses, such as street/pavement lighting whilst indicating the status of the charger. The system will be modular and have the ability to charge up to 20kW enabling quicker charger.

Rob added: “This project will demonstrate what a huge difference efficient charging will have on existing EV drivers whilst encouraging others to make the shift to electric when weighing up options and viability. It’s great to be part of this pioneering scheme, and selected as the technology provider of choice, that will undoubtedly set a precedent for the EV UK movement.”

Xiongwei Liu – Founder of Entrust Smart Home Microgrid Limited and the EnSmartEV charging technology system:

“This is game changing technology. Whilst using battery storage to charge EV’s is nothing new, we are able to maximize the use of DC to DC technology which leads to ultra high efficiency and very little corresponding power losses that are inherent in current systems.

“Further, we are able to fast charge up to six EV’s simultaneously with the ability to charge all makes and models of EV. Easy to use and operate, the EnSmartEV will be great for EV users and for the electricity grid network too.

“At the moment, very few people are talking about the impact of EV’s on the electricity grid but the reality is that the grid will simply be unable to cope with demand from EV charging. Our solution will ease the burden on the grid and manage electricity loads at peak times.

“We are grateful to Innovate UK for the funding and look forward to working with our partners to deliver the EnSmartEV project in Halton.”


The recent 2017 budget by the Chancellor was heartening news for Franklin Energy and our customers. Home owners will continue to benefit from heavily discounted home charging point installation with the announcement of an additional investment of £100 million, the Plug in Car Grant which will continue until at least 2020. Franklin have helped many of its customers achieve a very low cost installation for our discreet, state-of-the-art home charging units.

£400 million will be invested in EV charging infrastructure, which will help Franklin Energy accelerate its investment in workplace charging stations and super-fast ‘instant’ charge points for service stations, Fleet management and taxi firms. With one eye on 2021 when driverless cars and automation hit the streets of Great Britain, Franklin Energy will be in prime position to start helping our customers make more from their work and home car charging through our SMART charging facilities. We are continuing to invest and play a big part of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution. We are part currently undertaking Research and Development (R&D) programmes with our partners as part of the Future Cities initiatives. We are also utilising our technology and the Internet of Things to help provide a greener more sustainable provision for customers and the national grid. The announcement of an additional £40m R&D funding for these programmes is welcome news for Franklin Energy.

It was also good news for our our workplace charging customers as employees will now see a freeze on any cuts to their Benefit-in-Kind (BIK). With it being confirmed that EV drivers charging their car at the workplace will not be hit by any BIK charge on the electricity used*. This is also the case for customers that take advantage of our car pool service renting from one of our Renault Zoe’s Electric Car Fleet.

After a very strong year from the sale of Electric cars and the 2040 ban on diesel on the sale of diesel cars the future for EV owners, both at home and workplace, is bright. The government has clearly set out front and centre that the drive towards automonous cars, electric vehicle ownership and will be a priority for the government for the next 20 years.

If you would like to understand further how home or workplace OLEV grants can effect you please contact us or take advantage now and sign up to low cost rates through the Franklin LiFe network.