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“At Franklin Energy, we are pioneering the deliver of new products and technologies in the EV charging field. We aim to see charging centres that operate on a smart grid, utilising the renewable energy generated by solar and wind power to charge all electric vehicles. We aspire to create completely off-grid and environmentally sustainable charging centres, and rollout a network of these across the UK.”



A new emission deadline has been set.



A staggering reduction in greenhouse gasses must be met.



We want to see the UK become an energy independent country.



We began our mission to help that vision become a reality.


Electric car charging stations are available across the Franklin Energy network of public car charging stations. We also install charging stations across the UK for commercial, public and home use. We are based in the North West of the UK and have offices in Liverpool and Cheshire with a national presence. Our team of engineers and maintenance technicians are fully trained to install and commission hardware from a range of charging point manufactures.
In 2016 we began to deploy our own network of fast and rapid charging points across the UK with Q Park. We are seeking new location partners to host our charging points. If you have any locations that might be of interest then please contact us.

Our board of directors have significant management experience in engineering, automotive, corporate finance, energy and software development. This combination of talent brings creativity, innovation and project delivery on an unprecedented scale.


Robert Byrne

Founder and Managing Director of Franklin Energy

Robert founded Franklin Energy in 2013 and has built the company from scratch, to become one of the leading EV charging providers in the UK.
Robert is an engineering graduate who has developed a profound knowledge for EV charging and the energy sector. Robert has a pioneering mindset and has developed many innovations some of which Franklin is researching and developing today.
Robert is very commercially focused and has been responsible for established partnerships with both Global EV charging manufacturers and operators, together with creating new revenue streams over and above EV charging.

Roger Lane Smith

Chairman Franklin Energy

Roger was one of the co-founding partners of DLA Piper, and took DLA Global to become the World’s largest law firm. Mr. Lane-Smith has vast experience in worldwide business operations, corporate strategy and commercial management discipline. Roger has a very pragmatic approach to business and helps to simply complex problems and advises Franklin’s board on both legal and commercial arrangements.

Ron Stratton

Non Executive of Franklin Energy

Ron is recognised as an automotive guru. He built up Stratton motor group consisting of Renault, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover , Bentley, McLaren and other dealerships across the UK. Ron is also the founder of the Manchester electric car company and has visions of building Charging Stations across the North West and London. Ron is commercially focused and has significant connections in the automotive industry.

Jeff Fairbotham

Finance Director/ Commercial Manager

Jeff previously worked for Williams BMW as finance director for 13 years. Jeff joined Franklin EV’s team in 2016, ensuring all projects are delivered on budget with the appropriate resources.
Jeff is also responsible for all financial aspects and for financial strategy, production of bill of quantities, annual budgets, monthly management accounts and KPI’s.
Jeff Works closely with the Robert and Greg on all operational issues and assists in securing new business through managing commercial developments with Robert Byrne.

Jonathan Wilkinson

IT IT and Technical Director

Jonathan has Over 15 years in IT project management specialising in software, infrastructure and service transition projects. Jonathan has previously built a very successful startup company, namely t-mac Technologies, an energy management software specialist which he sold to Utiliywise. Jonathan has a profound understanding of the energy sector and integrated IoT platforms for energy efficiency and renewables.
Jonathan’s role within Franklin is providing technical support for the client, CRM, customer support, data security and product developments. He will play an instrumental part in delivering the operational KPI’s set out for the charging network and ensuring the >99% uptime is achieved across all charging points. Johnathan will also manage 2nd line support the on boarding of new charging points.
Finally, Jonathan is responsible for developing new technologies alongside Robert Byrne and our key partners.

Greg Fairbotham

Operations Director/ Contract Manager

Greg has recently joined Franklin EV as the Operations Director. Greg previously worked for a major oil and gas operator in the Middle East where he was responsible for leading commercials and delivering contracts for works packages including commissioning, gas export and civils and infrastructure. Greg’s experience covers both operations and projects. Greg has great knowledge and experience in managing contracts packages of up to $100million and has experience working with international organizations to put critical contracts in place in line with Category Management principles.
Most recently Greg was based internationally working on a multi-billion-dollar gas project which operated to stringent deliverables in order to fulfil the demands of the government and the production sharing agreement in place between the two parties. This role required significant interaction with the country’s government and adherence to their procedures whilst ensuring that all subcontractors were managed effectively to enable successful project delivery.
Greg will be working closely with clients and specialist contractors in delivering projects of all sizes and is also responsible for supply chain and stakeholder management as he is MCIPS qualified.


Our dedicated project management team have vast experience of delivery projects in the engineer, utilities and oil and gas sector. We have a pragmatic approach to each EV charging project, tailoring the client’s needs with a bespoke and future proofed solution.

We offer 24/7/365 customer telephone support for all of our customers. We pride ourselves on our customer service and maintaining the very highest quality charge points with our current network achieving an uptime of >99%.

We have found that 80% of our issues can be rectified remotely without sending an engineer to site resulting in reduced OPEX costs for the host.

[testimonial / Q&A stats / network uptime stats] and in our role as one of the leading Electric Vehicle pioneer’s in the UK today.



We work with a wide range of public sector, private sector and local clients from various sectors across the UK. Here are a handful of the companies that we are proud to work with.