Franklin Energy provides the latest electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for home, commercial and public environments. Franklin Energy have a network of car charging points located across the UK charged through our exclusive LiFe network.

We also offer a broad range of integrated advertising charging solutions, and are at the forefront of technology, environment friendly and income generating solutions that will benefit our customers for decades to come. Our innovative  approach and adoption of the latest technologies means we provide an unsurpassed level of customer service, 24/7.


Review our domestic charging for  your home, Commercial Charging points for your workplace and rapid car charging points for car parks, fleet operators and other destination locations across the UK. Together with smart charging solutions in cities and our LiFe charging network, we are at the forefront of installation, maintenance and supply of electric vehicle charging.

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At Franklin Energy, we want to pioneer new products and technologies in the EV charging field. We want to see charging centres that operate on a smart grid, utilising the renewable energy generated by solar and wind power to charge the vehicles. We want to create a completely sustainable charging centre, and rollout a network of these charging centres across the UK.


It is important for Q-Park to future-proof our business and more importantly deliver a growing service to a new group of customers.”

“By partnering with Franklin Energy in Liverpool we are able to offer EV charging points to our customers at our flagship facility.”

– John Denton (Head of Sales and Marketing)



Franklin Energy launched the UK’s first privately funded charging network and first publicly accessible charging point in Liverpool city centre’s Q-Park in March 2016. We followed this up with an installation at Q-Park in Manchester City Centre and launched Phase II in Q2 2017 across all of the Northern Powerhouse cities.

We manage charging points across Q Park sites in the North of England across Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield and York. The charging points show on Franklin Energy’s LiFe charging network and can be accessed through my.franklinenergy.co.uk where drivers can pay for electricity using our web application.

Electric vehicle owners will be able to use the car charging points, and anyone with a smart phone can access and pay for charging on the spot.

Robert Byrne, founder of Franklin Energy, said: “Looking back, this has been our biggest milestone to date since we started trading and now the pilot has proven to be a success it has the potential to provide public car charging access to thousands of electric vehicle users all over the UK.”


We work with a wide range of public sector, private sector and local clients from various sectors across the UK. Here are a handful of the companies that we are proud to work with.