Our Vision

With a forever increasing dependency on overseas energy and oil, we want to see the UK become an energy independent country, through developing a highly effective smart grid recharging network, powered by renewable energy sources.

The government has stringent emission targets to meet by 2050. This encompasses reducing our greenhouse gasses by a staggering 80%. To achieve this, we need to adopt to all electric cars, and provide renewable energy solutions to charge them in order to sustain our UK energy consumption..

At Franklin Energy, we want to pioneer new products and technologies in the EV charging field. We want to see charging centres that operate on a smart grid, utilising the renewable energy generated by solar and wind power to charge the vehicles. We want to create a completely sustainable charging centre, and rollout a network of these charging centres across the UK. .


A New emission deadline has been set.


A staggering reduction in greenhouse gasses must be met.


We want to see the UK become an energy independent country.


We began our mission to help that vision become a reality.