Wireless Dynamic (Inductive) EV charging

Wireless EV charging is more convenient and in the future could provide a seamless inductive road network, allowing drivers to drive continuously without having to stop to recharge. This charging is a form of resonance inductive coupling, providing an electromagnetic field to transfer energy from an inductive coil in the ground (transmitter), to an inductive coil located on the underside of the EV (receiver). The dynamic element allows electric vehicles to be charged on the move. A technology that is not currently available in the UK. Our studies are investigating ways to make the electricity transfer more efficient and with greater levels of safety.

Remote access and Back office management

Remote access and connectivity services could help customers maximise the operational time and performance of their EV charging system. Remote management of infrastructure would ensure the highest uptime is maintained, and the latest vehicle compatibility is achieved. Real time status API would provide the customer with real-time charger information, as well as energy consumption.