Commercial Charging

We can provide charging bays that harness the suns and wind energy to power electric vehicles. In addition to this, our centres can incorporate lithium ion batteries for energy storage, or feed directly back into the local grid to earn a revenue for every unit of energy generated.


3.75 KW

For the 2 car solar powered charger.

7.5 KW

For the 4 car solar powered charger.

Our innovative solar powered car parking canopy from Franklin Energy provides a perfect recharging point for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, cutting emissions and making Green Cars Greener

• 3.75kWp will generate approximately 3,100kWh per annum (in London), which is enough to drive a Nissan Leaf over 13,000 miles using 100% green energy.

• Can include trickle and charging points.

• Its fast and easy to install and the return on investment from the Feed in Tariff is over 9.5%, with a payback of just 7.5 years

• Simple elegant design, durable, modular system can be installed in any car park, generating solar energy that can be used on-site to reduce energy bills as well as providing a charging point for electric cars, it is a perfect way to harness the Sun's energy to produce your own green power.

• Each 2-bay curve module is 5m wide covering 2 bays. It can be installed within a day with no car park levelling or resurfacing (other than for trenching) required. It can be installed in any car park.

• A 2-bay curve has 15 panels and is 3.75kW to get the highest Feed in Tariff. Sunpower 333W panels can also be used which means that 5kWp can be installed per 2-bays.